Best Esports Betting Sites & Bonus Codes

Esports betting is an activity that has been enjoying quite a popularity. From made-up currencies to real money bets, many players are now considering placing a bet on their favorite esports team or players seriously.

Many have been opening accounts at betting sites that provide them with broad coverage of events they are interested in.

The esports audience has also reached 500 million people from across the globe, Newzoo has reported. Below, you can find a list of what we consider to be the best bonus codes for esports betting:

We bring you the latest bonus codes for the best esports betting sites currently available. Our team has carefully curated the promotional offers of top esports bookmakers to bring you a variety of competitive bonus codes you can pick from.

All our codes are worth your time and attention as they are the work of established and trusted brands in the sector. You can single out the specific codes for bookmakers that offer better odds for esports you want to bet on.

In our selection process, we consider the reputation of the esports bookmaker, the competitiveness of the odds, and the overall size and accessibility of the offer.

How Esports Betting Bonuses Work

Esports bonuses are accessible and they are generally one of the easiest promotions to claim. This is a combination of several things, including a player-focused approach and a genuine effort to add an intrinsic value to the experience.

An esports bonus works just as you would expect from any promotion. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. The terms include the minimum amount you need to deposit, the playthrough requirement, deadline, maximum amount, and bonus code.

  1. Find a suitable bonus

The choice of a bonus should be predicated on your personal preference – we help you achieve this. Look for a bonus that not only comes with favorable bonus conditions, but also covers the esports you want to bet on.

  1. Deposit the minimum amount

Deposit the amount you have to place in your account to activate the bonus and use the promo code.

  1. Meet the playthrough

Esports fans are naturally averse to any form of wagering requirements. Therefore, the bonus promo codes we have, give you access with good playthrough and general requirements. To release your bonus funds, you need to simply fulfil these requirements.

  1. Withdraw your winnings

To withdraw your winnings, you will first have to make sure all bonus terms have been completed. Refer to your account on the site to track the progress of your esports bonus before placing an official withdrawal request.

How to Choose the Best Esports Betting Site?

There are many factors that determine if an esports website is a viable choice. Social proof tends to be crucial for esports bookmakers. Esports is a community that is constantly evolving. Communication is transparent and therefore finding the best esports betting site is a matter of asking.

You will receive quick and reliable opinions about various bookmakers. However, it is often good to be able to verify those for yourself by sticking to a quick checklist designed to help you single out the most trusted operators.

  • Reputation and social proof – Always make sure that the community approves of the esports site you are opening an account at.
  • Variety of markets – There are over 30 esports games and their number is increasing. A great esports bookmaker will make sure it is covering the majority of events.
  • Great bonuses – A bonus is not determined based on the sum total, but rather as a combination of multiple factors, including playthrough, odds provisos, expiration date and more.
  • Mobile platform – The esports community is constantly on the move, so make sure that the esports betting site you choose is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • In-paly bets – Nearly all esports events are streamed live and for free, and this makes for a perfect opportunity to place a live bet.

These criteria will give you a very good idea of which esports bookie to pick next. Of course, there are more things to add to your checklist. For example, is a website verified, audited and licensed by all competent bodies?

What Games Can You Bet on Esports?

There are many different games you can bet on. Esports bookmakers today offer over 30 games along with their major and minor leagues, grassroots-focused events in more. This has given rise to many different markets based on the type of games.

Speaking of the available games you can bet on today in detail, they include several main categories. Some games may fall under one, two or more category, but roughly, they are classified as follows:

  • Shooters – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, Overwatch and others
  • MOBA – Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm
  • Trade Card Games (TGC) – Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent
  • RTS – Starcraft, Starcraft II, Warcraft 3: Reforged
  • Fighting games – Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros.
  • Sports simulators – FIFA, PES, NBA2K, NHL Madden
  • Motorsports esports – F1, NASCAR

These are just some of the titles you can bet on today. There are many other available markets that we could call miscellaneous, but are in fact busy and offer multiple options. They include games such as Rocket League, Clash Royale, and others.

Even more marginal titles, such as World of Tanks are in fact active betting markets and many established sportsbooks are making sure to cover at least a few markets. Some interesting additions have been games such as NBA2K, F1 and NASCAR.

Mainstream sports organizations have shown genuine interest in developing their portfolio. UFC organizations are hosting esports events and NASCAR and Formula 1 run official e-series. Soccer, such as the English Premier League (EPL) has an electronic sports alternative and so do many other football leagues around the world.

The only variable is to find a great esports bookmaker that offers a great esports bonus code. Here is an opportunity to earn a small profit off a hobby.