About eSports

Electronic sports, eSports or simply esports are a new phenomenon in the world of gaming predicated on the idea that people can compete against one another in video games. The outcome of each game therein depends on the personal skill and understanding of the player.

Esports were coined in South Korea and an anecdotical story has it that a local TV company took a wager on whether it can televise StarCraft, a popular video game, and draw large audience. The idea took off and esports spread elsewhere in the world, although they were not as widely popular in the West at first.

Toady, esports are slated to outpace mainstream sporting events, such as basketball, tennis, and some estimate – even football (both American and European), in terms of viewership. This has created new and exciting opportunities for companies and investors, not to mention actual esports athletes.

With the popularity of the segment growing, esports bookmakers have appeared. We are here to review those and offer you a guide to the best ones in business.